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Organisation / SiteURL (web address)Description
Organisation / SiteURL (web address)Description
BARTS Seed Lists iBARTS (indoor) and oBARTS (outdoor) seed lists 
BASS Seed Lists  BASS seed lists are on the Britski website 
British Competition Rules BSS Competition Rules 
British Masters Facebook Page British Masters Facebook Page (open group) 
British Masters Twitter Feed GBRMastersSki Twitter Feed 
Britski Information resource for British skiing. Includes BASS points list, race calendar and results. 
Britski Rankings British & Irish Alpine Ski Rankings (Masters Category now added)  
Brtish Masters Ski Club (BMSC) The British Masters Ski Club (BMSC). The BMSC administers the British Masters Ski Racing website. An open website for all British Masters ski racers. 
BSS  The National Governing Body for Skiing and Snowboarding in the UK 
ERSA Eastern Region Snowsports Association 
FIS Active GBR Masters List of current active FIS registered GBR Masters 
FIS Masters Calendar FIS Calendar (Masters Area) 
FIS Masters Points FIS Points List (Masters) 
FIS Masters Results FIS Masters Results 
FIS Masters Rules FIS Rules for Masters racing 
FIS News FIS News and Multimedia 
French Masters French Masters Ski Team 
GBR Masters website (lapsed) The old GBR Masters website - no longer active but a useful source of historical / archive information. 
Impulse Racing Adult & Masters Indoor & Alpine Race Training  
Irish Interski Team  Irish Interski Team 
LSERSA London and South Eastern Regional Snowsports Association 
My Ski Racing Retailer 
Racer Ready Racer Ready Winter Sports Magazine 
Ski Bartlett Ski Racing Retailer  
Ski Bitz Ski Racing Retailer 
Snoworks Adult & Masters Alpine Ski Race Training 
Snowsport Cymru / Wales Snowsport Cymru Wales is the National Governing Body for Snowsports in Wales 
Snowsport England The National Governing Body for English skiers and snowboarders 
Snowsport Scotland The National Governing Body for Snowsports in Scotland 
Snowsports Ireland Develops and promotes Snowsports in Ireland. 
Snowsport South Snowsport South (formerly Southern Region Snowsports Association) 
UK National Ski Results An unofficial page, run by Pete Calvert of Aldershot Race Club, showing data for UK events and competitors. 
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