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FIS Equipment Regulations 2015-2016

posted Nov 4, 2015, 3:46 AM by Alison Hills   [ updated Nov 5, 2015, 11:28 AM by British Masters ]

Hi all,

Referring to “FIS Specifications for Competition Equipment” the following Equipment Rules are the most important to MASTERS Racing: 

Minimum Ski Length and Radius For MASTERS Racing
Minimum ski length and radius are recommendations  (except: Ski length for Super-G) 
a) Slalom: Length: Men: 165 cm -
                                 Ladies: 155 cm - 
b) Giant Slalom:    Men: 185 cm – 5 cm tolerance = 180 cm Radius 27 m
                                 Ladies: 180 cm – 5 cm tolerance = 175 cm Radius 23 m 
c) Super-G: Minimum ski length is mandatory, radius recommended: 
                                 Men: 185 cm without tolerance Radius 27 m
                                 Ladies: 180 cm without tolerance Radius 23 m 

In regard of the last sentence in rule MA 4) COURSES” Giant Slalom Skis may be used in Super-G. For all events: -
No length, width or ski radius restriction for Ladies above 55 and Men above 65 years of age. 
Maximum Height of Skis/Plates and Ski Boot Soles: Max. Distance from ski running surface to boot sole: 50 mm - mandatory 
Max. Distance from boot sole to base of foot: 45mm- recommended 

This should then help all the new racers with kit choices etc.
Back protectors are not currently mandatory, they are highly recommended for all events, but especially for Super- G and Giant Slalom.

Helmets - for Super-G and Giant Slalom must be of a closed construction,  no soft ear pieces. 
New FIS helmet rules will apply to the 2016/2017 season. So if anyone is thinking of buying a new helmet, please make sure it complies to the new rules to save you having to buy again.