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FIS Masters Cup- Zagreb & Megeve results

posted Feb 4, 2018, 11:48 AM by Alison Hills
Good evening all,

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the season so far! 

The past couple of weekends have been very busy on the race scene with the FIS Masters Cup Tour taking to Zagreb on 26-28 Jan and Megeve 2-4 Feb.

Unfortunately I was unable to make either of these events this season, but I remember from past years how fantastic they were! Zagreb in particular, I will never forget watching the sunset during course inspection before the night race.. just stunning!
Anyway, we had some fantastic results, as below:


Super-G: Judy Reid- 4th (C6), Blake Williams- 3rd (A1), James Lynch- 4th (A1)

GS: Judy Reid- 4th (C6), Blake Williams- 4th (A1), James Lynch- 6th (A1)

Slalom: Judy Reid- 4th (C6), Blake Williams- 3rd (A1), James Lynch- 5th (A1)



Michael Coulstock- 5th (A3)
Simon Butler- 6th (B6)
Stuart Woodard- 22nd (B7)
Peter Gash- 27th (B7)
Peter Hayne- 14th (B9)
Malcolm Naylor- 6th (B10)
Judy Reid- 2nd (C6)


Blake Williams- 2nd (A1)
Michael Coulstock- 6th (A3)
Robert Swindells- 15th (A5)
Callum Scott- 13th (B7)
Peter Gash- 22nd (B7)
Malcolm Naylor- 5th (B10)
Karen Coles- 2nd (C2)
Judy Reid- 3rd (C6)


Karen Coles- 3rd (C2)
Judy Reid- 4th (C6)
Blake Williams- 1st (A1)
Michael Coulstock- 7th (A3)
Robert Swindells- 17th (A5)
Callum Scott- 21st (B7)
Stuart Woodward- 24th (B7)
Peter Gash- 31st (B7)
Malcolm Naylor- 7th (B10)

Well done to everyone, some great results there, and particularly with Blake and Judy who achieved podium positions in highly competitive age categories! The British racers also achieved 8 podium positions between 6 races which is fantastic!

Also a huge welcome back to Simon who competed in his first race following recovery from injury! We hope to see you out again in some further events soon!

Next weekend will see the tour heading to Cortina, followed by Strbske Pleso on 17-18th Feb.

Well done again to all competitors and good luck to everyone heading to Cortina next weekend!

Kind regards,

BMSC Secretary